Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Thought I would share some of what we've been doing for the past four days! I just love winter...when it snows, that is. No sense being cold without some of that beautiful powder!

First attempt at making cinnamon rolls by myself! Had to cut the recipe down four times because for one we don't need 50 cinnamon rolls and for two because we were nearly out of flour. Technically, we didn't have enough but I just had to make them. I ended up using about 1/3 whole wheat flour. They tasted good but I think it affected they "raising" process.

This was Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday. Empty and nasty.

Have a snowy day!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards!!!

Heard of Shutterfly? They have fabulous photo cards for numerous occassions! My favorite are the Christmas cards. You can upload any of your favorite pictures from the past year and use them in your card. You can also add a personalized message. blots and sloppy, embarrassing handwriting. Shutterfly will print your card design and message clearly and crisply on photo paper.
In addition to cards, at Shutterfly you can make a plethora of other gifts using photos, calendars, home decor, and photo books. The thing I love most about shutterfly is their promotional savings. Right now if you purchase one photo book you can receive 50% off any additional photo books you order. If you purchase a calendar, you can receive 50% off the second. can save 20% of their cards. Now who doesn't love saving?

Here's some links to some of the products I mentioned above and more....

Christmas photo cards
Photo mugs
Thank you cards

To sum it up...I love shutterfly. Check 'em out...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet Lilly...

About a month ago Josh called me on his way home and said he had a suprise for me and to close all the blinds in the house, listen for the doorbell, wait a minute, and then come to the door.....

I knew he had been in Stillwater that day because he was meeting his friend Ryan there so I thought that he was bringing home Thai Cafe for dinner! It's one of my favorite restraunts and we ate there often when we lived in Stillwater. Little did I know...he didn't see Ryan at all...

Anyways...I answered the door, looked down, and saw this note...

"Hiya Brooke!
My name is Lilly...I already know you because Josh (the coolest guy ever!) told me ALL about you! He said you were highly interested in adoption...and well, I think you'll love me! I am the sweetest creature you will ever know. Josh said that he knew he was supposed to adopt me at first sight. My dear Brooke I love you so much already! I hope you will love me too...I promise to be an amazing daughter! I have a somewhat spotty past but I hope to start an amazing future with my new parents...that is you and Josh! Come see me at the back door if you will...please don't be mad at Josh, he has a great heart and it was my fault because I stole belongs to you though.
Love ya,
Lills! "
And this is what I saw.....

Isn't she cute? She's half beagle but she looks like a little lab!

Josh told me later that he had been planning on bringing her home for a couple of weeks...I definently didn't see it coming.

On a different note...this is what our yard looked like today approximately 15 minutes after Josh got home from work...

Yeah, it's a sprinkler and yes we have a calendar and know it's NOVEMBER! Or at least I do! :)

Josh planted some grass seeds about two months ago and it's quite green and lucious now! His theory is that we can't let it die now because it just came we water it...and our neighbors think we're loco! I caught three neighbor girls playing in it this afternoon!

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